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Florida Fourth DUI Offense

The fourth conviction of driving under the influence (DUI) comes with severe penalties that are meant to have a lasting impact on your life. All subsequent DUI convictions apply the same penalties as the fourth violation, as well. You need an experienced DUI attorney at your side when facing a fourth DUI charge to help you avoid the extreme punishments that come with the crime.  An attorney can check to see if this offense is coupled as a second DUI within five years, or a third offense within 10 years, and will be able to craft a solid defense for your case.

Fourth Offense Penalties

The fourth and any subsequent DUI convictions are considered felonies of the third degree. It is automatically considered a felony regardless of the amount of time between the third and fourth violations. There is no enhanced version of a fourth DUI offense, and there is no window of time that separates harsher or lesser penalties. Other punishments for a fourth DUI charge include heavy fines, imprisonment, license revocation, probation, vehicle impoundment, and DUI School.

Fourth Offense Fines

The fine imposed by the court for a fourth DUI conviction cannot be less than $2,000. This applies to the fourth and all subsequent DUI violations.

Fourth Offense Imprisonment

As a felony offense, a fourth DUI can come with a sentence of up to five years in a state prison as a habitual or violent offender. This also applies to all subsequent DUI convictions.

Fourth Offense License Revocation

After the fourth DUI offense, the state permanently revokes a driver’s license. Hardship applications will also be denied for the fourth offense. An offender cannot ever reapply for a license or legally operate a vehicle again in the state of Florida.

Fourth Offense Probation

The court can also impose probation for up to five years for the fourth DUI violation. This involves routinely seeing a probation officer, restrictions on travel, and participation in any treatment programs that the probation officer deems necessary.

Fourth Offense Vehicle Impoundment

For a fourth DUI conviction, the court can impound all vehicles owned by the offender for up to 90 days. The costs of impounding the vehicle must be paid by the offender and it cannot take place concurrently with the jail term. The added complication of retrieving the vehicle is added to a fourth conviction because the offender is no longer allowed to operate the vehicles.

An Experienced Miami DUI Attorney Can Help

Being convicted of a fourth DUI means never being allowed to drive again, a felony criminal record, and serving time in prison. A fourth DUI will permanently affect personal, professional, and financial aspects of you and your family’s lives. If you or a loved one has been charged with a fourth or subsequent DUI offense in the Miami or greater Florida area, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced attorneys at The Law Office of Julia Kefalinos. Call the office at (305)856-2713 or contact us today for a confidential review of your case. We promise to aggressively advocate your case in court and zealously fight for your rights.