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Miami Juvenile Crime Attorney

Unfortunately, the teen years can be precarious and all too many juveniles face DUI or drug charges. If your son or daughter has been charged with a juvenile offense, you need solid legal representation sooner rather than later. That’s where Julia Kefalinos, a prominent Miami juvenile crime attorney comes in. She is well versed in Florida’s juvenile laws as well as local diversion programs, private counselors, drug and alcohol programs & Teen Court.

Juvenile Attorney Serving Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Julia Kefalinos has successfully handled juvenile clients facing the following criminal charges:

  • Delinquency
  • Curfew violations
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Juvenile criminal mischief
  • Juvenile trespassing
  • Juvenile gang-related activities
  • Theft crimes including shoplifting, attempted robbery, burglary, passing bad checks
  • Traffic tickets — including reckless driving and speeding
  • Drugs, including possession, sale, manufacture, delivery and trafficking
  • Alcohol — driving while intoxicated or with a suspended license
  • Sex crimes — including sexual assault, sexual battery, prostitution
  • Violent crimes including bar fights, arson and assault
  • Juvenile violation of probation

How the Florida Juvenile Justice System Works

Florida has a separate juvenile justice system where emphasis is placed on rehabilitation versus punishment. This is not to say that Florida juveniles do not face heavy consequences.

Once a juvenile is arrested, he or she will either be released to their parents or spend up to 21 days in a juvenile detention center. If enough evidence exists, the juvenile will be arraigned, the charges will be read and a plea can be entered. Depending on the crime, most first time juvenile offenders can participate in classes, perform community service, enter a diversion program, or attend counseling. Penalties for repeat offenders of more serious crimes may include probation, juvenile detention programs, or juvenile prison sentences lasting from 18 to 36 months. A juvenile can even be tried as an adult if the severity of the crime warrants it.

Juvenile law also carries certain protections that do not apply to adults; for example, names are kept confidential and parents can be present during police questioning.

Julia Kefalinos — a Committed Miami Juvenile Defense Attorney

Because Florida is a hot spot for Spring Break and vacations, Kefalino’s clients often include students, tourists and minors from all over the country.

When your child’s freedom is at stake, the legal experience of Julia Kefalinos, a committed Miami juvenile crime defense lawyer can make all the difference. Kefalinos has helped hundreds of young people resolve their juvenile criminal cases successfully, so their educational and financial future is not affected. She uses cutting edge legal research techniques to determine the weakness in the prosecution’s case and uncovers all the facts that can be used to build a solid defense.

Just because your juvenile was arrested, doesn’t mean he or she is guilty of a crime. We will sit down for a consultation and discuss our options. We will fight diligently for your child’s rights as they pertain to the Florida juvenile laws.

For expert Miami juvenile criminal advice, contact Julia Kefalinos today at 305-856-2713.