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Should You Accept A Plea Bargain?

By Julia Kefalinos |

If you are facing time behind bars, you may be terrified of what the future holds.  So when a prosecutor offers a plea bargain, it may be tempting to jump at the opportunity to accept reduced charges in exchange for a guilty plea.  In many circumstances, that is very likely the best scenario.  But… Read More »


Are You A Victim Of Domestic Violence?

By Julia Kefalinos |

If you are in an unhappy intimate relationship, you may have wondered if the problem is with you or with your partner.  If the relationship includes domestic violence, chances are your partner has led you to doubt yourself.  How can you determine whether or not you are in a normal, healthy relationship that has… Read More »


Have You Been Falsely Accused Of Domestic Violence?

By Julia Kefalinos |

Accusations of domestic violence are serious business.  When someone suffers serious harm and tells a courtroom that you are responsible for their injuries, it can destroy your life.  If you find yourself bewildered by such charges, don’t wait another second:  contact a local criminal defense attorney immediately. What Constitutes Domestic Violence?  When someone demonstrates… Read More »


UM’s Dante Williams Facing Domestic Violence Battery Charges: DV Can Happen To Anyone

By Julia Kefalinos |

If you are or have ever been roughed up by a partner, you should know that domestic violence is not limited to any particular race, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or social status. As the recent arrest of Dante Williams demonstrates, even those in the limelight can be involved in domestic violence. Williams’ Arrest … Read More »


Robbery & Armed Robbery Charges In Florida

By Julia Kefalinos |

There’s no room to be naïve if you are facing charges of robbery or armed robbery in the Sunshine State.  You could be facing a felony conviction, which translates to significant time behind bars in the event you are found guilty.  Rather than leave the outcome to chance, your best bet going forward is… Read More »


Environmental Crime Defense

By Julia Kefalinos |

If you are being investigated for environmental crimes, you could be looking at time in a federal facility if found guilty.  This is a grave situation—one that deserves the attention of an experienced and dedicated environmental criminal defense lawyer. What is an Environmental Crime?  The Environmental Investigation Agency breaks up environmental crimes into five… Read More »


Business Bankruptcies On The Rise

By Julia Kefalinos |

The pandemic obliterated many personal and business finances, as people could do nothing more than watch themselves or their hard-won companies flounder. Now a swell of business bankruptcies threatens to overwhelm the system, with barely enough judges around to deal with the crushing demand.  Here in Florida, personal and business filings are creeping up… Read More »


Bankruptcy Fraud In Florida

By Julia Kefalinos |

Surely Heather Lynn Pratt never imagined she would be jailed for withholding a few details from her bankruptcy filing.  But after the discovery that she’d concealed over $145,000, she wound up with bigger troubles than she had to start with.  In addition to having to pay $145,386 in restitution, Pratt is looking at up… Read More »


Buried In A Mountain Of Student Loan Debt?

By Julia Kefalinos |

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your– or your child’s–student loan debt, you are not alone!  In 2020, student loan debt in this country reached over $1.7 trillion, involving over 44 million borrowers. Nearly three-fourths of these loan accounts were described as in deferral or forbearance. That means loan balances are seeing substantial increases. If… Read More »


Strangulation: Domestic Violence Escalated

By Julia Kefalinos |

“But I’m your son!”  Those were the words that finally caused an angry father to relent.  He’d locked the 21-year-old in a chokehold, strangling him. The Coral Springs victim’s offense that had led to such an angry response?  He’d been participating in a Zoom class with the volume up too loud. The Rest of… Read More »

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