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How Can You Support Someone You Believe Is A Victim Of Domestic Violence?

By Julia Kefalinos |

The nation was horrified to learn that young Gabby Petito’s death had occurred, especially when the coroner deduced that the death was a homicide.  The convoluted path that Petito and her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, took in the preceding days and weeks involved a stop in Moab, Utah, where there were reports of domestic violence. … Read More »


Are You A Victim Of Domestic Violence?

By Julia Kefalinos |

If you are in an unhappy intimate relationship, you may have wondered if the problem is with you or with your partner.  If the relationship includes domestic violence, chances are your partner has led you to doubt yourself.  How can you determine whether or not you are in a normal, healthy relationship that has… Read More »


UM’s Dante Williams Facing Domestic Violence Battery Charges: DV Can Happen To Anyone

By Julia Kefalinos |

If you are or have ever been roughed up by a partner, you should know that domestic violence is not limited to any particular race, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or social status. As the recent arrest of Dante Williams demonstrates, even those in the limelight can be involved in domestic violence. Williams’ Arrest … Read More »


Strangulation: Domestic Violence Escalated

By Julia Kefalinos |

“But I’m your son!”  Those were the words that finally caused an angry father to relent.  He’d locked the 21-year-old in a chokehold, strangling him. The Coral Springs victim’s offense that had led to such an angry response?  He’d been participating in a Zoom class with the volume up too loud. The Rest of… Read More »


Refusing To Tolerate Elder Abuse

By Julia Kefalinos |

Families across the globe sometimes have one family member who takes financial advantage of an elderly relative. Sometimes, our beloved elders suffer various forms of abuse at the hands of supposed caregivers, or perhaps at the hands of strangers.  This could include physical abuse or neglect, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, forced isolation or imprisonment,… Read More »


Another Reason to Leave Your Abuser: The Effect of Witnessing Domestic Violence On Your Children

By Julia Kefalinos |

Victims of domestic violence stick with their abusers for a plethora of reasons, ranging from the belief that things will get better, to the fear that their abuser will hunt them down if they try to leave.  Many have financial motivations for staying or lack support networks to help them get out of abusive… Read More »


Domestic Violence: Creating a Safety Plan

By Julia Kefalinos |

Are you a victim of domestic violence? Does abuse cause you fear, shame, and unspeakable pain?  If you are like many victims of such violence, you have convinced yourself to stay for any number of reasons.  But perhaps it’s time to consider the reasons you should leave, and to formulate a plan to do… Read More »


Domestic Violence: The Facts

By Julia Kefalinos |

Domestic violence is a serious problem in this country, and the job loss and financial strife associated with COVID hasn’t helped!  Families under stress are more isolated than ever, often to suffer the effects of violence in the shadows.  If you are a victim of domestic violence or know someone who is, it’s worth… Read More »


Is Super Bowl Sunday Correlated to Domestic Violence Incidents?

By Julia Kefalinos |

Domestic violence impacts 20 million Americans every single minute throughout this country.  The root causes are based in emotional issues often lurking beneath the surface in abusers.  When violence erupts, it is frightening and can leave physical, mental and emotional scarring.  Research indicates that special events and holidays that involve alcohol consumption can escalate… Read More »


Domestic Violence Destroys Lives

By Julia Kefalinos |

The shock of violence is staggering.  Relationships that may have started out blissfully sometimes take a dramatic turn to darkness, leaving victims unsure how to protect themselves emotionally, mentally, and physically.  Victims often question their own responsibility for the violence, blaming themselves for not being “enough.” Whether violence is new to your relationship or… Read More »

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