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Before, During, And After Incarceration

By Julia Kefalinos |

The challenges facing incarcerated populations are enormous. This is a serious problem, considering that a huge percentage of the Americans have been arrested at least once by the age of 23. Particularly concerning is the fact that roughly 80 percent of arrests are for non-violent crimes, ranging from property crimes to drug offenses. Further… Read More »


Scientific Errors Might Be Key To Your Criminal Defense

By Julia Kefalinos |

Within an hour, the most complicated criminal mystery can be solved with the brilliance of the heroic forensics team on any of the crime drama shows on television. In the real world, it’s never quite so easy. If you are facing criminal charges and the prosecution is relying heavily on forensic evidence, there are… Read More »


Know Your Rights in a Traffic Stop

By Julia Kefalinos |

There’s nothing quite as unsettling as seeing those blue and red lights flashing in your rearview mirror. At first you assume the patrol car is chasing someone else, but ultimately realize that no, you are the target. As apprehension mounts, you ease to the shoulder and mentally prepare for what will hopefully be a… Read More »


Defending Against Florida Drug Charges

By Julia Kefalinos |

If you’ve been charged with drug crimes, the first thing you must do is secure an experienced local criminal defense attorney who is committed to getting the best possible outcomes for you. Drug charges are serious business in Florida, and, if convicted, your life will be seriously impacted with no-nonsense penalties. In many cases,… Read More »


When Legal Issues Threaten Immigration Status

By Julia Kefalinos |

If you are a legal resident of the United States who does not have U.S. citizenship, your troubles amplify significantly in the event you are arrested or charged with a crime. Certainly, anyone facing these circumstances may be looking at serious changes in lifestyle, reputation, and economics, but for non-citizens, these perils may accompany… Read More »


Defending Against Parental Kidnapping Charges

By Julia Kefalinos |

Let’s say you’ve been through a particularly unpleasant divorce and have been battling custody issues from day one. Things escalate to the point that now your former spouse has accused you of kidnapping your own children. What now? Having an experienced criminal defense attorney at bat for you can mean the difference between life-changing… Read More »


Defending Against Shoplifting

By Julia Kefalinos |

If you have been charged with theft, you are likely frightened when you consider the penalties associated with a conviction in Florida. And you should be concerned: you could wind up with fines, and even time behind bars. What you need now is an experienced and committed criminal defense lawyer right now. The Facts… Read More »


Florida’s Juvenile Justice System

By Julia Kefalinos |

If you’re the parent of a juvenile who’s had a run-in with the law, it could be a jarring crash with reality to see that your child is now head-to-head with the juvenile justice system. You’re not alone in your concern: over 13,000 youth aged 8-18+ were served in juvenile detention facilities throughout Florida… Read More »


Dealing With a DUI During the Holidays

By Julia Kefalinos |

As the holidays approach, it’s worth noting that the rates of drinking and driving soar. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 25 percent more highway deaths occur during this time of year, with New Year’s Eve topping out with a 30 percent increase in fatalities. About a quarter of those deaths… Read More »


Can a Judge Force You to Wear Restraints During Your Criminal Trial?

By Julia Kefalinos |

When facing criminal charges, you have a constitutional right to be present at your own trial. This right generally includes freedom from physical restraint during any trial proceedings before the jury. In other words, you cannot be handcuffed or shackled in the jury’s presence. The reason for this is obvious: Such an appearance would… Read More »

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