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Miami Student Loans & Debt Attorney

Miami Student Loan Debt Attorney

Dealing with student loan debt is often discouraging, and keeping up on payments can be difficult. But sometimes, student loan problems are complicated by circumstances such as a closed school or a private student loan. Knowing what to do if you are unable to maintain your payment schedule can be difficult, but an attorney can work with you and your creditor, whether it is a private lender or a governmental agency, to create a reasonable repayment plan. Call our Miami student loan and debt attorney experienced in dealing with student loans today.

Miami Debt Default

Every year, millions of people take out loans to attend college with the expectation of a good job upon graduation to allow them to repay their debt. But life’s plans do not always work out, and some graduates are left unable to afford to repay their loans. Defaulting on your student loan debt can cause a multitude of problems, from difficulty in getting a mortgage or passing a credit check, to garnishment of wages, to harassment by collection agencies. Dealing with special circumstances, such as closed schools or private loans, makes it even more difficult to successfully pay off loans.

School Closings

Dade Medical College a for-profit school with six campuses across Florida, closed in October, 2015. Investigators cited problems with the school’s finances and with poor student performance on certification exams.  The Florida Department of Education is working to place the college’s students in different schools with similar programs.

The Dade Medical College problem has many parallels to the 2014 closing of Corinthian Colleges. Corinthian Colleges was one of the largest for-profit schools in the United States, but after an investigation, some of its schools were closed while others were sold. The federal government has discharged much of former students’ student loan debt. Under the plan, students who attend schools that close are entitled to debt relief, and a streamlined process is created to deal with the debt of students whose schools are sold and who believe that they were the victims of fraud.

If your school closes before you have the chance to earn a degree, there may be options for the discharge of your debt. An experienced attorney can help you explore those options.

Private Student Loan Debt

Most student loans are federal, meaning that they are backed by the federal government. But some are private, and are issued by private banks, such as Band of America or Citigroup, or by student loan lenders, like National Collegiate Trust or Navient. Private loans often have higher interest rates, making repayment after graduation more difficult.

Federal loans have a nine-month delinquency period before entering default, but if you have a private loan, missing a payment may mean default. In default, a lender may be able to garnish your wages, place a lien on your property, or put a levy on your bank accounts.

If you cannot afford your loan payments and are in danger of going into default, an attorney can help you renegotiate your loans or get your loans deferred until you find suitable employment.

Student loan debt can be frightening. Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach student loan attorney Julia Kefalinos has extensive experience in helping those who cannot afford their payments. Please contact us at (305) 856-2713 for an initial consultation.

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