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Understanding The Plea Bargain In Criminal Cases

By Julia Kefalinos |

If you are facing criminal charges, the prosecutor’s office may at some point be interested in a plea bargain.  What do you need to know about the process, benefits, and pitfalls of accepting such a deal?  Every offer is different, and the decision should be carefully weighed with the counsel of a trusted criminal… Read More »


A Fresh Start In 2022: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

By Julia Kefalinos |

As the new year opens up new possibilities, perhaps it’s time for you to consider the ways in which filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy could give you a fresh start in the coming year.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed by debt, it could be just the ticket.  While just the word “bankruptcy” may bring anxiety… Read More »


Justice For All? Considerations Of Racial Inequity In The Criminal Justice System

By Julia Kefalinos |

If you have black or brown skin and have a run in with the law, you may be wondering if it’s possible to get a fair shake in the American justice system.  The truth is, it’s a fair question.  When you consider some of the statistics related to sentencing and incarceration you know that… Read More »


Superbowl Sunday = Domestic Violence

By Julia Kefalinos |

What comes to mind when you think of Superbowl Sunday? If you’re like many Americans, you may have visions of crowded bars and living rooms, collective cheers as the favored team advances, and group grumbling when things don’t go so well.  But all in all, win or lose, it’s a good time for all…. Read More »


Pregnancy And Domestic Violence

By Julia Kefalinos |

Maybe things were rough in your marriage, but there were bright spots. Sometimes things seemed perfect, and your spouse was incredibly loving, complimentary, and kind.  The violent episodes, though frightening and painful, were rare.  Maybe you thought that pregnancy would bring you closer together, would make your spouse more careful about controlling that nasty… Read More »


Can I File Bankruptcy For My Student Loans?

By Julia Kefalinos |

If you’ve been listening to the political chatter relating to student loan forgiveness, you may be pinning your hopes on the possibility that the Biden administration will be forgiving anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 in student loans. While there’s no guarantee that these amounts, or any amount of student loan debt will actually be… Read More »


Technology & Domestic Violence

By Julia Kefalinos |

Domestic violence occurs in all kinds of families, and in all kinds of ways.  The abuse may be primarily verbal and emotional, or may be physical.  For some, the abuse consists of sexual or reproductive coercion or abuse. Others may suffer financial abuse.  For many, the abuse spans multiple aspects of life.  Modern relationships… Read More »


Florida Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Questions Answered

By Julia Kefalinos |

If your financial situation is out of control and you spend more time trying to evade bill collectors than actually enjoying your life, you may have considered filing for bankruptcy.  But you really don’t know much about what it involves and what the benefit/cost ratio looks like.  While the specifics of your situation can… Read More »


Trial By Judge Or By Jury: Which Is Best For You?

By Julia Kefalinos |

If you are headed to trial on criminal charges, you have some big decisions ahead, not the least of which is whether you should opt for a judge or a jury.  What factors should you consider as you make this hefty decision? There are certainly pros and cons to either choice. Choosing to go… Read More »


Planning For Safety During The Holidays: A Guide For Victims Of Domestic Violence

By Julia Kefalinos |

If you are a victim of domestic violence, the holidays may be more stressful than any other time of year.  Additional stresses brought on by heavy traffic, financial woes, and additional time with extended family may create heightened anxiety for your abuser.  And with additional traveling and bustle, a victim’s safety planning may face… Read More »

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