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Connections Of Domestic Violence To Violence Against Children

By Julia Kefalinos |

The children were tied up and face down on their beds when police found them.  They were just three and five years old. The 41-year old mother had a history of violent relationships, and possibly mental illness as well. The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) had interacted with the family for years,… Read More »


Seniors Considering Bankruptcy

By Julia Kefalinos |

Bankruptcy is no picnic, and for senior citizens it may be particularly challenging.  After spending a lifetime with your nose to the grindstone, it can be devastating to be faced with financial insolvency due to surprise medical bills or other significant issues when you are on a fixed income.  Even for seniors on the… Read More »


Florida Physicians May Face Criminal Charges Now That Roe V. Wade Is Overturned

By Julia Kefalinos |

Current Law  In Florida current statute defines gestation as “between fertilization and birth,” and abortions may legally be performed up through the 24th week of pregnancy. After that period, abortion is still legal if two certifying physicians believe that either of the following is true: The woman’s life or physical health is in serious… Read More »


Cultural Repercussions Of The Depp-Heard Case On Domestic Violence

By Julia Kefalinos |

After weeks of the voyeuristic drama of the defamation case involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, we are all left with an unpleasant feeling that we can’t seem to wash away.  Some of the images and stories depicted can’t be unseen and unheard. But that is the least of the problems of the trial. … Read More »


The Escalation Of Violence: Know When To Leave A Dangerous Relationship

By Julia Kefalinos |

“She loved him, but he didn’t love her.” That’s what a grief-stricken mother said of her daughter’s boyfriend after he viciously stabbed the young woman to death.  The abuse began long before the actual murder, with verbal cruelty and manipulation turning into physical assaults, and, ultimately the untimely death of the 30-year old mother… Read More »


Facts Worth Knowing When It Comes To Bankruptcy

By Julia Kefalinos |

If you are in over your head financially, you have likely considered a number of options moving forward, including filing for bankruptcy.  While in many ways bankruptcy lifts enormous pressure from people, you should go into it with your eyes wide open. Filing for bankruptcy is a big step, and there is a lot… Read More »


Does The 21-Foot Rule In Policing Endanger Individual Rights?

By Julia Kefalinos |

Police walk a thin line between protecting the public from danger, giving suspects a fair shake and the benefit of the doubt in a questionable situation, and getting themselves home in one piece after every shift. They undergo rigorous training in tactical awareness and defensive tactics that is aimed at achieving safe outcomes in… Read More »


The Financial Implications Of Domestic Violence

By Julia Kefalinos |

There is no question that domestic violence—often referred to as intimate partner violence—has daunting impacts on victims. !0 million individuals experience domestic violence every single year in this country, and battle with the physical, mental, and emotional damage long after any specific incident occurs. The impacts don’t stop there, though.  The Institute for Women’s… Read More »


Means Testing In Florida Bankruptcy

By Julia Kefalinos |

If you are contemplating filing for bankruptcy, you should be aware of the fact that not everyone qualifies.  That’s right: federal law has created a means test that limits who can take advantage of such filings. For a Chapter 7 application, must have a lower income level than the median income of a similarly… Read More »


Florida Hate Crime Law

By Julia Kefalinos |

After Ahmaud Arbery was gunned down by Travis McMichael, McMichael and his cohorts in crime faced homicide charges.  In this high-profile case, the  guilty verdict in state court led to federal hate crime charges, where the three men were found guilty of engaging in the crime on the basis of Arbery’s race.  What exactly… Read More »

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