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Miami Bankruptcy & Criminal Attorney / Blog / Domestic Violence / Domestic Violence Can Persist After Couples Break Up

Domestic Violence Can Persist After Couples Break Up


When the romantic relationship between two women ended after seven months, Lilniece Harris didn’t take it well. The control she’d exacted during the relationship had given her power that she wasn’t ready to give up on.  So she used harassment as a tool to try to get what she wanted from her former lover. Unfortunately for Harris, rather than winning back her partner, she wound up facing criminal charges.

The Relationship 

Apparently the relationship between the two women had been fraught with demands and threats, as a jealous Harris required constant notification as to her lover’s whereabouts and ensuing threats against her partner and her partner’s family.  After the relationship ended, Harris was enraged when her former partner blocked her messages and phone calls, and resorted to harassment and threats on social media, along with the release of nude photographs.

 It’s Domestic Violence 

When does crying about lost love and begging someone to take you back cross over into domestic violence?  According to Florida law, people don’t have to be married in order to commit domestic violence.  Any assault, battery, stalking, kidnapping, or sexual offense involving current or former members of the same household can lead to charges.  The Florida Department of Children and Families notes that the type of violence that occurs in these relationships can include calling someone names, spreading cruel rumors, and yelling.  It generally involves demeaning someone as a way to make them cave in to demands. Sexual violence often involves threats too, as well as unwanted advances, teasing, and touching. The physical violence may include throwing things, breaking things, punching holes in walls and doors, and, of course, outright assaults. Household members refers to anyone related by blood, spouses and former spouses, and anyone who’d lived together or who share a child. Examples of dating violence and/or domestic violence can look different in every case, although the underlying issue of dominance and control is always present.

The Charges 

Responding to death threats and sexual harassment, police filed a domestic violence case against Harris citing felony charges of written threats and for misdemeanor sexual harassment.  Her bond was set at $5,000 and she was ordered to be on house arrest and issued an order to stay away from her former lover.

Finding Safety

 The experienced domestic violence and dating violence attorneys at The Law Office of Julia Kefalinos know how difficult it can be to escape an abusive partner.  But they want you to know that you deserve to be safe and free from threats and violence. There are legal steps that can be taken to help you move forward, including those taken in the Harris case.  To discuss your situation, schedule a confidential consultation in our Miami office today.



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