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Eight Myths About Domestic Violence


With as rampant as domestic violence is in this country, it’s surprising how many misconceptions there are about it.  The fact of the matter is, women suffer from battery more often than any other kind of injury in America.  Domestic violence causes more injuries than car accidents, rape, and mugging combined. Perhaps it’s time to become better educated about such a serious problem.

Myth # 1:  Women are Always the Victim

Fact:  Males, transgender people, and non-binary people suffer from intimate partner abuse more often than you might realize.  Frequently they choose to suffer in silence, just like many of their female counterparts do.  For some, the embarrassment and humiliation, along with the assumption that the victim is weak, makes reaching out for help painfully difficult.

Myth # 2:  Some Victims Enjoy the Abuse

Fact:  Abuse is never a conduit of love or joy.  The reasons people stay in abusive relationships are varied and complex. Enjoying the abuse is not one of them.

Myth # 3:  Domestic Violence Only Occurs Among “Low-Class” Families

Fact:  Domestic violence occurs in homes in every neighborhood across the country, regardless of race, ethnicity, income or education level.

Myth # 4: Victims Often Need to be “Put in Their Place” by their Partners

Fact:  No one EVER deserves to be abused.  Regardless of the dynamics in the relationship, emotional, mental and physical aggression is never warranted, deserved, or without consequence.  Abusers make the choice to hurt others, and victims should never be blamed for that.

Myth # 4:  Abusers are Usually People Who are Unsuccessful in Life

Fact:  Abusers come in all stripes.  Some may be extremely successful in some areas of life, but simply do not manage personal emotions and relationships successfully.

Myth # 5:  Domestic Violence is All About Temperament

Fact:  Control is at the root of domestic violence.  Abusers may truly love their victims, but have an overwhelming desire to control their actions, thoughts, and behavior.

Myth # 6: Physical Abuse is More Destructive than Other Forms of Abuse

Fact:  Emotional, Psychological, Financial, and Mental abuse can have long-term impacts on victims, leading to feelings of isolation, dependence, and worthlessness.

Myth # 7:  Abusers Have no Control Over Their Actions

Fact:  Domestic violence is a choice.  Abusers often believe they are entitled to something that feels out of reach and use abuse to manipulate others.

Myth # 8: An Abuser Who is Sorry and Promises it Won’t Happen Again Should be Believed

Fact:  Domestic violence is generally not an isolated incident.  In fact, it usually increases in frequency and intensity over time.  An abuser who is truly sorry needs intensive interventions in order to develop a new paradigm as to what a relationship should look like and what their role should be.

Are You in an Abusive Relationship?

Domestic violence is very real, and extremely destructive.  If you are experiencing abuse, the experienced and compassionate Miami domestic violence attorneys at The Law Office of Julia Kefalinos can help you obtain legal remedies and connect you to additional resources.  Call us today for a confidential consultation in our office.



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