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Miami Bankruptcy & Criminal Attorney / Blog / Criminal Defense / What To Do If You Are Arrested for a DUI in Florida

What To Do If You Are Arrested for a DUI in Florida

In Florida, police officers won’t hesitate to crack down on drunk driving. A recent study showed that Florida ranks in line with most states in terms of how tough it is on drivers accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol to the extent that their normal faculties are impaired (DUI). In fact, in Florida, you can even be pulled over if you are not driving or even if you are asleep behind the wheel. If you ever find yourself getting pulled over where a DUI is a possibility, you should understand what’s coming next, and what you should do about it.

At the Scene, Compliance with Breathalyzer or Drug Testing

In Florida, you normally have the option to refuse breath, blood, or urine blood alcohol content tests to determine whether alcohol or drugs are present and what amount. Under Florida’s “implied consent” laws, you are assumed to consent to such a test if the arrest was lawful and if the officer had probable cause to believe that you were driving under the influence. Choosing to refuse has consequences. It can be used as evidence in court and/or result in driver’s license suspension. Agreeing to submit the tests provides evidence of impairment or lack of impairment which can be used in court.

Call for Bail and an Experienced Florida Attorney

After arrest, you will be taken to the police station. Your picture will be taken, and potentially even posted on the internet. In some cases, you may be instructed to change into prison garb and even taken to the general prison population. At some point, you will be offered a phone call. At that point, you should contact someone who can provide recommendations for bondsmen so you can post bail. Contact the Law Office of Julia Kefalinos, an Attorney with 24 years of experience in criminal defense and Miami DUI attorney at (305) 856-2713 to help you navigate through your arrest and potential prosecution for DUI.   She can provide assistance in Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, German, and French. She looks forward to the opportunity to defend your case.

Let Your Experienced Florida Attorney Fight For You

You should understand the potential impact of your drunk driving offense. Although there is no minimum jail time for your first offense, you could still be jailed up to nine months. Second and third DUI convictions yield minimum and maximum jail times, including a full year in jail. Fines can range from $500 to $5,000, depending on whether it is your first offense. Your license will be suspended for at least 30 days, and potentially even longer. With the help of your attorney, you can apply for a hardship license, which can permit driving for specific purposes during this period. Your car insurance will likely increase, typically by 40%. At your second conviction, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device into your vehicle. A $250 driving school will be required.

Your Florida attorney can fight to get the best result for you. For example, depending on the circumstances of the arrest, the officer may have lacked probable cause. It may be possible to seek a plea bargain to “wet reckless,” or reckless driving involving alcohol. Such a conviction would still count as a DUI for the purposes of calculating fines for future convictions, but it carries fewer penalties. Your attorney can even try to remove your mugshot in some instances. In any case, your attorney is your advocate and your guide through a difficult process.

If you have been arrested for DUI, don’t hesitate to contact Julia Kefalinos today for immediate assistance with your case.

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