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Miami Bankruptcy & Criminal Attorney / Blog / Domestic Violence Defense / Have You Been Falsely Accused Of Domestic Violence?

Have You Been Falsely Accused Of Domestic Violence?


Accusations of domestic violence are serious business.  When someone suffers serious harm and tells a courtroom that you are responsible for their injuries, it can destroy your life.  If you find yourself bewildered by such charges, don’t wait another second:  contact a local criminal defense attorney immediately.

What Constitutes Domestic Violence?

When someone demonstrates a pattern of abuse against a present or former intimate partner, or anyone in a “household,” it is generally considered to be domestic violence (dv).  It could include coercion, restricting one’s access to others, and attempting to increase power and control over that person.  This might occur by making threats relative to one’s children, pets, or economic status.  The violence may be physical, sexual, or emotional.  Under Florida law, stalking, kidnapping, and physical or sexual behaviors that result in harm could result in charges of domestic violence.

Penalties for DV Battery

Penalties vary depending on the particular charge.  For instance,  DV Battery could land you in jail for a full year and saddle you with $1,000 in fines and a year of probation. You could also be assigned to complete a Batterers Intervention Program for 29 weeks, required to perform community service, and could lose your right to carry a concealed weapon. If you have children, these charges could impact your ability to spend time with them. On top of all of that, you will have a criminal record that can never be sealed or expunged. That means a criminal record will follow you forevermore, impacting your career prospects, housing availability, and social relationships.  Without question, your mental and emotional well-being will be strained as you struggle to deal with your tainted reputation while battling to clear your name in a system that is rightly sympathetic to vulnerable victims. When you are innocent, however, clearing your name and avoiding the multiple penalties associated with domestic violence can feel like you’re running uphill against all odds.

Defending Against False Charges

Certainly, the court takes these allegations very seriously.  Proving your innocence can be quite difficult, though not impossible.  Your local Miami defense attorney will need to go over all of the evidence carefully, including witness statements, 911 recordings, and medical documents.  There will be questions as to the history of complaints, the current status of the relationship, and the details of the alleged incident.  How accurate was the account provided by the victim?  To what degree were facts embellished?

Your Defense Team is Waiting

Now, more than ever, you need a defense attorney who is a skilled negotiator, an efficient researcher, and a relentless advocate for you.  At the Law Office of Julia Kefalinos, you will get nothing less. Contact our Miami domestic violence defense attorneys today for a confidential consultation.



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