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Beware Of Abusive Dating Relationships


There’s nothing more exhilarating than a whirlwind romance!  When your partner makes you feel like you’re the center of the universe, it’s impossible to resist falling in love! And why would you want to if you are being saturated with love and devotion?  No reason—unless, of course, there’s more to your story…

Common Characteristics of Abusive Relationships

Abusers are often quick to commit and to extract a commitment from their partners.  In fact, many relationships evolve to serious commitment within just months before ultimately becoming troublesome in terms of emotional and even physical abuse.  At that point, victims feel manipulated to stay, worried that the abuser will engage in self-destructive behavior, will not be able to overcome the loss of the relationship, or will ramp up aggression toward the victim.

Watch Out for Certain Dating Behaviors

Even in relationships that seem ideal, there can be red flags that you should really watch out for in order to avoid becoming trapped in an abusive relationship.  When you’re dating, watch out for occasions when your partner displays the symptoms of classic abusers:

  • They are unwilling—seemingly unable, even—to compromise;
  • They experience eruptions of anger, often followed by apologies and extra attention and devotion;
  • They behave rudely in social situations, especially toward those deemed “lower” on the social scale;
  • They frequently criticize you/your friends/your family in hurtful ways;
  • They try to isolate you from loved ones;
  • You find yourself dealing with unreasonable possessive and jealous outbursts;
  • They are often paranoid and lacking in trust;
  • They hold victims to unreasonable standards, wanting perfection in all things.
  • They blame everyone else for distressing circumstances, never taking responsibility and then taking the steps necessary to improve their situation;
  • They acknowledge anger, jealousy, resentment, etc., but believe it is always someone else’s fault (often the victim’s);
  • They can be hypersensitive, and go on rants about how unfair things are, how hurt they’ve been, and so forth;
  • They have threatened you, in small or large ways.

More Aggressive Signs

Has that special someone in your life shown cruelty toward animals, children, or those weaker than them? During sexual activity, does playful force become frightening? Do they engage in verbal abuse, have a history of violent activity, or break things when angry?  If so, you may be dealing with someone who has already caused you harm, or who is about to.  This is domestic violence, and it is a crime.

Get Out

Relationships involving domestic violence rarely, if ever, improve without significant and consistent interventions.  If you’re just dating someone and are alarmed about where the relationship is headed, move on before things get too hot.  If that point has already come, visit the Law Office of Julia Kefalinos to discuss your situation with a Miami domestic violence attorney.  We can provide the legal guidance and protections you need today.



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