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Employer Requirements Relating To Domestic Violence


Looking back, you suppose you should have noticed the signs: your significant other was extremely jealous and suspicious of you when you were out of his sight; arguments resulted in name-calling and threats; you felt emotionally manipulated when the two of you didn’t see things the same way.  Nonetheless, you stuck it out, because the good parts of the relationship were—well—too good to be true. But now, things have escalated, and you find yourself more than simply emotionally wounded. The relationship has become frightening and violent. How can you escape this treacherous relationship?  The first step might be connecting with a determined, local domestic violence attorney.

What Constitutes Domestic Violence?

Domestic abuse occurs among all kinds of people—straight, gay, white, non-white, rich, poor, religious, atheist, male and female. It is generally rooted in a need to control another person, and can manifest in any number of ways, from humiliation and blame to mental, financial, physical, and sexual violence. Even stalking is a form of domestic violence. When a pattern of behavior emerges that risks the health and well-being of another person, it is likely a form of domestic abuse. This can occur within marriages or between intimate partners, and in both family relationships and dating relationships.

Taking the Necessary Steps

An experienced attorney can advocate for you to take the steps you need to in order to rebuild a safe and satisfying life.  And believe it or not, your employer is legally obligated to provide at least three days off of work annually in order to accomplish these things.  The leave is paid if you have accrued the time, and unpaid otherwise, but is guaranteed regardless. So now is the time to do the following:

  • Get an injunction against your abuser to protect you from further violence;
  • Obtain both medical care to address and record your injuries, and counseling to help you stay strong in your goals to move forward with your life;
  • Connect with local shelters and/or service providers for access to programs to assist victim recovery;
  • Find a new place to live, or bolster security measures at your current home;
  • Consult with your attorney to determine next steps.

Employer Responsibilities

Your employer is required to handle information related to your leave with strict confidence and may not retaliate against you for taking the time off. That means you cannot be reassigned to a lesser position or otherwise be penalized for the situation. Your responsibility is to provide adequate notice of the need for time off, except in cases of an emergency related to immediate danger.

Get Started Today

Living in fear is a heavy burden.  At the Law Office of Julia Kefalinos, our Miami domestic violence lawyers can help you on the pathway forward.  Schedule a confidential consultation in our office right away.



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